At OTTAA we are building the world in which we want to live.

We develop OTTAA Project with the purpose of integrating all people with speech impairment. Our vision is to reach anyone who has any type of difficulty to communicate because we believe that dialogue and interaction with the environment are essential aspects of any society and is a key element in social and labor integration.

We aim at the development of an inclusive society, where all its members have equal opportunities and where people with disabilities can develop in different areas of their lives, whether in the daily, family, work or recreation.

OTTAA Project was designed with the collaboration of experts in the field, from therapists and speech therapists to relatives of people with disabilities.

Carlos costa, CEO de Ottaa Project

Costa Carlos Guillermo

Hector costa, CEO de Ottaa Project

Costa Héctor Andrés

Ottaa Project

Gonzalo Juarez

Ottaa Project

Juan Manuel López

Ottaa Project

Agustín Zanoli
I+D - RD Engineer

Ottaa Project

Maia Rosales
Pasante - Intern

Ottaa Project

Santiago Cioffi
Customer Care

Ottaa Project

Micael Marquez
Ventas - Sales

Ottaa Project



Do you want to be part of the team?

At OTTAA Project, we constantly look for new talents that complement our team. People who share our passion, our values and our desire to build the world in which we want to live.

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