How it works?

The user creates a sentence using pictograms, these are images that represent actions, objects, feelings or emotions.

There are thousands of available pictograms to choose from, because of this, OTTAA differentiates from other communication tools using environmental data gathered by the device and contextualize the communication, offering to the user the most suitable pictograms for that specific moment.


Solución móvil ultra rápida

ULTRA fast mobile solution
(7 seconds per sentence)

Herramienta de uso diario y rehabilitación

Rehab and daily communication tool

Primer SCA Predictivo

First predictiva AAC

Integración con Redes Sociales

Integration with Social Networks

Totalmente personalizable

Fully customizable





Each detail of OTTAA Project can be adapted to the needs of the user. These configurations were developed with the advice of renowned professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, early development specialist and family members.


OTTAA Project is the first Augmentative and Alternative Communication software with geolocation. The user can save his favorite places and obtain pictograms corresponding to these at the moment he approaches that place.


OTTAA Project allows you to communicate in different languages using globally recognized pictograms. In this way, it allows overcoming any language barrier that the user could find.


The user can synchronize his calendar to get a better prediction of the pictograms he may need. This feature also helps speech therapists reduce the time they need to customize an AAC for each user.

Pictogram customization

OTTAA Project allows achieving a fully customizable Augmentative and Alternative Communication System. Allows editing text or creating groups, so it is possible to create sentences as complex as the user requires.

Screen Sweep

This feature allows users with motor impairments such as hemiplegia, spasticity, cerebral palsy or stroke to use this system. OTTAA Project can be used by switches, sounds, eye tracking or turning the device screen into a big switch.

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