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As everythings that involves human life, we should treat these assumptions as an ongoing and dynamic set of events, for that we will conduct quarterly reviews of the concrete evidence we have and gaps of knowledge, trying to find those unknown unknowns within our users.


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1Assistive Augmentative Communication

2Black Case Project, read more here


User Survey


As part of our customer satisfaction strategy and aligned with our ToC, we conducted a User Survey to measure the perception of OTTAA users compared with non-OTTAA users in terms of Quality of life and Frustration.

The surveys consisted of questions about the profile of the respondent, the profile of the person with disabilities, closed questions for selecting the degree of satisfaction (from 1 to 5) based on certain attributes of quality of life and frustration, and finally an open question aimed at knowing the main drawbacks and benefits of the system used to communicate.

As evidenced in the graph, a greater degree of satisfaction is perceived in the case of OTTAA users in relation to those who use another type of AAC and those who do not use any means to communicate.

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